Turbine sprayers

Turbine sprayers


  • Clean water tank that has two has two taps, where the operators can wash the hands or take cean water;
  • Homokinetic cardan¬† that allows the operators to operate without shutting down the tractor PTO (TDP);
  • The set of variable turbine box has two speed options, and can be turned off, which facilitates refueling operations, suitable for the rice fields preparation pre-germinated or shake and spray application with guns or lances;
  • Setting width and height of the wheelsets, provides stability together Tractor/Sprayer on rough terrain;
  • Accessory: Volute.

Technical Specs

Tank capacity No. of Nozzles Empty Weight Tractor Power required/Hp
1500litres 26 750kg 55-85




Product Description


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